The WERT Story

“WERT” means VALUE in German. We wanted to be unique in our approach towards investments and also have an unfathomable passion towards the markets and the investment opportunities that it provides. This was the common moto that brought us together to a common goal – the formation of “WERT”.

We wanted to address a few areas in the investment management space with a thorough process in place and build capabilities around it. One of the areas were that we should be solution oriented and not product focused in our investment strategy, which in-turn made us look internally to create and develop capabilities around all asset lines in the financial investing space like Equity, Debt, Gold and Real estate. We wanted to learn continuously about the economy, market behavior and the challenges it springs at everyone, to find answers to the many questions it poses. This struggle to find the answers lead us to connect the economy to the asset price movements and with the help of evaluating many methods/ models, we ascertained our growth inflation model to determine our broad strategic asset allocation.

Our Mission

It is to enable our clients to achieve their financial goals. In doing so, we will be ethical, sincere and governed by our client's interests, ahead of ours. Our approach will be based on reasonable and, if necessary, conservative assumptions. We will treat our clients with honesty, wisdom and care.

We will constantly upgrade our knowledge and expertise on markets worldwide. We will ensure that operations are run efficiently at all times and to that end, continually invest in technology. We recognize that our people are important. We will create an environment where people enjoy their work. Our people shall have integrity, financial knowledge, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. They shall take ownership for their actions. We will encourage intrapreneurship.

Our Vision

As a specialist financial planning company it has been our privilege to work with clients and families since 2014, helping them move towards their financial and lifestyle goals with confidence. Adhering to the highest standards of integrity, transparency and customer service, the entire wert team is geared to providing professional services to our clients and building fruitful long-term relationships.

The WERT Team
Prithvi Potta
Founding Partner

Prithvi comes with a background of strategic understanding of portfolios which he used to develop our core and satellite philosophy and also bringing in his experience of fundamental analysis in the equites and behavioral aspects of the markets to identify opportunities, risk reward situations and downside risk elements into the foray.

Murali Venkat
Founding Partner

Murali brought in his experience in macro-economics and deep understanding of debt markets to create risk reward criteria for investments in bonds. He also brought in his knowledge and experience in technical analysis to give a rounded view of equities and other asset investments.

Our team of analysts have brought in their expertise and knowledge in supporting and working on various statistical tools to understand and evaluate all assets and markets to enable a complete solution orientation to our offering and thus enabling us to monitor and action any change the markets present.

That is to say, we work most of our investment theories with a forward looking view and try to add value by testing them with previous scenarios to find accordance and implementing these in our client portfolios for better rewards. We at wert work tirelessly to create value to our clients and provide solutions which not only are satisfying but encompassing of their risk and reward expectations.

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