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WERT’s USP: Process and Portfolio management strategy

Our methodology is based on risk premia and asset class behavior. We use risk factors as building blocks for asset allocation and rebalancing of portfolios and our back tested research has confirmed that right asset allocation of equity, debt, real assets & cash have largest impact on portfolio risk and rewards. Our Growth Inflation model follows the macroeconomic cycle of a country and forecasts asset class pricing behavior.

The above model gives us the strategic asset allocation and we use Core & Satellite approach to capture alpha from the assets and also reduce turnover impact on the portfolio. This also allows to capture special situations without increasing portfolio level risk, which gives us the tactical allocations that can be taken in the portfolios for greater rewards.

WERT Advantages

The benefits at WERT extend beyond our unique investment process, simplifying
market complexities, client centric approach and greater risk management:

Performance and Control

Our aim is to deliver consistency in the portfolio by managing risk and return through a robust asset allocation framework, market research, product selection process which includes intensive deliberation and due diligence and constant portfolio review to access progress to meet client expectations.

Bespoke Solution

The core of our service is to create and manage diversified portfolios to meet our client needs. What will set us apart from other investment managers is that we don’t believe in ‘off-the-shelf’ products or services – to us each client is unique and we strive to do what’s right for you. We call this ‘investment management as it should be'.

Investment Philosophy

Our unique investment process and philosophy, to encompass macroeconomics, statistical risk analysis, business cycles and market forecasting techniques, enable us to evaluate risk/ reward situations and gives us the edge to stay ahead in the investing curve.

Service Standards

Our endeavor is to create an organization with high values and culture to deliver unmatched client satisfaction through our transparent way of work and service delivery.

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