Our Products
  • Public Equity
    •  Stocks

    We are a franchise of Motilal Oswal Securities Limited and offer broking services for our clients who wish to maintain their own stock portfolios.

    •  Mutual Funds

    we are associated as a distributor with all major asset management companies offering their mutual funds as part of our investment portfolios for our clients.

  • Private Equity

    We evaluate and offer private equity as a part of alternate Investment opportunities via fund route or unlisted companies available in the market to clients who understand and want to participate in this space.

  • Portfolio Management Services

    We are associated with select Portfolio service providers who bring in specific opportunities and special value adds to our client portfolios.

  • Fixed Income

    Bonds and Mutual Funds - we have developed an expertise in fixed income advisory which includes bonds and mutual funds.

  • Structured Solutions

    We carry the ability to create unique structures on a variety of underlying assets to take advantage of market opportunities.

Our Trusted Partners

We've associated with India's prestigious portfolio service providers

We’ve more than 20 diversified mutual fund partners

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