Wealth Management Solutions

At WERT, we manage wealth for our clients by exceeding their expectations with the help of our 6-step process mentioned below:

  • Understanding the client needs and expectations –

    These includes previous experience, inhibitions, restrictions, social situations and life stage expectations.

  • Educating and calibrating the risk reward equations –

    Discussions are initiated with risk and reward situations of asset classes. Education of markets, asset behavior, previous trends of performance and movements and their deviations based on different market situations and macro-economic changes.

  • Creating a portfolio framework tailoring to the risk reward equations –

    Creation of portfolios based on timelines, framework basis strategic and tactical allocations, expected future opportunities in the assets, risk parameters and reward expectations

  • Rigorous monitoring and reviewing of portfolios –

    Creating review guidelines, continuous monitoring and reviewing to check if they are inline with expectations of the portfolio.

  • Reallocating and reorganizing portfolios to opportunistic situations –

    Reorganizing deviant parts of the portfolio's to bring in line with the expectations and also anticipate future situations and realign the portfolio to create positive outcome on the portfolios return and risk parameters.

  • Delivering better than expectations –

    The whole idea is to continuously have the portfolio evolve in line with the markets to meet and better the risk and rewards defined along with the client.

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